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Cellier VINOA

Design élégant pour 41 bouteilles de 750 ml, encastrable ou autoportant. Porte en verre anti-UV, teinte gris sophistiqué, cadre en acier inoxydable sans soudure, pour un look moderne et intemporel.

Deux zones de température (5 à 20°C) pour une conservation optimale du vin, préservant ses qualités.

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The wine cellar you’ve always dreamed of

“ Whether you’ve just discovered your passion for wine or are an established connoisseur, we have a cellar that fits your space and needs. It’s sure to enhance your experience and store your best bottles in optimal conditions. ”

Nathalie Fortier
President and owner


Types of wine cellars

Want to keep your wine at the ideal temperature? Choose a cellar designed for serving. For connoisseurs, a storage cellar will preserve your finest bottles until they reach their prime.


Number of bottles

We recommend leaving 25% of your new wine cellar empty to accommodate future acquisitions.


One zone, or two?

A single-zone cellar maintains a standard interior temperature of 12 °C (54 °F), while a dual-zone unit can maintain two different temperatures for ready-to-serve reds and whites.


Where to place your wine cellar

We have the ideal cellar to meet your every need. Is space tight? A built-in wine cellar with a glass door will elevate the look of your room. Want your cellar to blend seamlessly into your living or dining room? Choose a unit built with wood that matches the rest of your decor.

A Quebec company that’s passionate about the quality of your wine

As a Canadian leader in wine cellar manufacturing and importing, we centre your needs and your passion for great wine in everything we do. Bolstered by over 38 years of history, we offer an unmatched selection of wine storage and serving products. Give your collection the care it deserves!

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