CLASSIKA beverage center 18 wine bottles 57 cans




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Offering storage capacity for 18 bottles of wine and 57 cans, the Classika Beverage Center can be integrated into your space or stand proud as a freestanding unit. Its sophisticated design features two UV-resistant glass doors, tinted a distinguished gray and framed by impeccable stainless steel with no visible joints, guaranteeing optimum protection from harmful rays.

Featuring two programmable temperature zones, this unit allows precise management of your beverages: the left section is dedicated to beverages, with a temperature range of 2 to 22°C (36-72°F), while the right section, specially designed for the cellar, keeps your wines at an ideal temperature of 5 to 22°C (41-72°F). Elegantly placed digital LED touch controls offer an intuitive interface for easy customization of the storage environment.

Low-emissivity LED lighting, which can be activated in automatic or continuous mode, delicately illuminates your collection without compromising beverage quality. Black mesh shelves, expandable by up to 30%, are designed to accommodate all types of 750 ml bottles in the right-hand section, and a variety of beverages in the left-hand section, with spacing of 3.25 inches between each shelf and 6 inches in the lower section for larger items.

Security is not neglected, thanks to a key lock accompanied by a tubular handle, adding an extra layer of protection to your precious collection. This model represents the perfect blend of functionality, style and security for connoisseurs wishing to preserve their beverages in the most optimal conditions.

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